New Student Registration Packet for School Year
Register your student online through TX Connect. 


Classes begin at 7:40 a.m.
Student Arrival Time: 7:20 a.m. – gym
Assembly - 7:35 am 
Dismissal Time: 3:00 pm
Please do not allow your child to arrive late or leave early. The entire day is needed to deliver their full instructional program. A student arriving at their class after 7:40 a.m. will be marked tardy.


Students need to come to school and attend the full day unless they have fever, communicable disease or family emergency. A note explaining any absence is required upon the student’s return to school.


You must register them on line through the LTISD transportation department via your TXConnect Account. Use Bus finder for bus routes and estimated morning/afternoon pick-up times.  Call 512-533-6070 for more information. 
Any student K-2nd grade will not be allowed to depart bus without a parent or guardian or designated person at the bus stop.
Smart Tag bus safety tracking system launched in February 2016. 
All bus riders use the Smart Tag bus safety tracking system that launched in February 2016. Parents may sign up for bus alerts through Smart Tag.  
The School Dismissal Manager system must be used to make any changes in your student(s) transportation plans.  Make all changes by 1:45 PM. All changes in transportation must be documented in the School Dismissal Manager system.  The teacher will not receive notification of the change if it is not entered into the SDM system before 1:45 PM. If you do not have a login, please contact Lisa Hanson. Email Lisa.


Both Breakfast and lunch are provided in all our campus cafes. Menus are designed to meet recommendations and requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture’s National School Lunch and Breakfast Program.  See our menu.
Student lunches (including milk) will be at least $2.70. The price of lunches is determined by the first day of each school year.  Milk and juice are for sale for students who bring their lunches.  The Federal Lunch Program forms are available online or in the school office.   It is suggested that all students have an account with a few days credit on it in case lunches or money are misplaced or forgotten.  You may set up an account online at  www.Myschoolbucks.com. Prior balances from other LT schools are migrated.


"Specials" refers to PE, Art and Music. All classes go to one "special" each school day with PE being every other day alternating with Art and Music. Students must wear tennis shoes in order to participate in PE, therefore, the Green and White days on the LWE Parent Calendar allow you to identify which days your student has PE vs Art/Music. Each class has PE on either Green or White days.


Extended Care is in session each school day. The hours are 3:00 PM -6:00 PM. A shorter program, where students are picked up by 4:30 PM, is also available. Click for more information.   All registration is done on line.


Each teacher uses schoology with helpful information about your child’s schedule, teacher bio, expectations and learning resources. If new to schoology, please read the Schoology Information & Parent Setup Instructions - CLICK HERE
More Learning Technologies information - Lakeway Elementary website 
Mustang Messenger – weekly campus email from Principal Mr. Hicks. Subscribe 
We post the latest one here on our site under PTO Information
Peach Jar - this online application replaced Tuesday Folders.  Flyers will be posted here for parents to access.

Social Media

If you have the LT app you link all district and school info into the NEWS section of the app. LWE's social media pages:
Mr. Hicks loves to tweet. Click here to see latest. Follow HERE
PTO also tweets and has a facebook page. Follow Here


Login Information for LWE Online Resources including FASTT Math, Lexia, Think Through Math, iStation, Think Central.
Program    Purpose  Username pattern  Password
Fasst Math   Math Fact Practice   last name.firstname Student ID # 
 iStation  Reading practice - comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, fluencey  lastnamefirstinitial Student ID # 
Reading practice - phonics/phonological awareness, vocabulary, automaticity/fluency, comprehension.
May need teacher's email logging in:
 last name.firstname Student ID #
Think Central
Online textbook resources for math, reading and science.
Set school to United States, Texas, Lake Travis ISD, Lakeway Elementary.
lastname.firstname (confirm with your teacher) Student ID # 
Think Through Math Math problem solving and skills practice lastnamefirstname Student ID #


LWE IST Department Head - Joy Crenshaw (crenshawj@ltisdschools.org) or Click Here
LTISD Special Services Website - Click Here
LWE IST Shutterfly Group - Click Here
LT Parents of Special Needs Students Facebook Group - Click Here